Digital Marketing Trends

With technology becoming more advanced, marketing trends are changing. When it comes to digital marketing it is easy to fall behind on trends. In order to keep up with your competition and keep your business strong, you need to keep up with the changing market. Here are a few trends that will be popular this year.


A video is easier to look at than reading a blog and therefore will attract more views than a long article. Videos are also better at grabbing viewers attention. Videos can be easy to make and cheap depending on their simplicity. A popular trend that has been increasing over the past few years is live videos. Not only are people using live videos for personal use but businesses are joining in. Whether it is promoting an event or product, a live video can generate a lot of attention and interaction. Make sure you create videos that will interest your target audience and that they stay consistent with your brand.

Smart Speakers

Not only do you have to prepare your sites and advertisements with keywords and SEO for regular search engines, but you need to be prepared for voice search engines. Often smart speakers only present one search result to the user so it will take more work to get yours to come up on top. Another thing to consider is that when people search using voice, they often use longer phrases. Therefore, you need to add longer phrases that people would say to your keywords in order to be higher in the results.


Micro-moments are small and often fleeting so it is important you take advantage of them. When a customer expresses interests you need to get involved and find a way to help them get what they are looking for. Because the moments are often quick you will want to refrain from long advertisements that will lose the customer’s interest or confuse them. When leading them to their solution you want to guide them with small and simple marketing.


Chatbots are used by business to assist them in interacting with their customers. They can answer questions the customer has or send out announcements and reminders. Chatbots help to decrease spending on employees to do simple tasks. They can also reduce the response time your business has with its customers. Chatbots clear up time for employees to deal with more complicated tasks.


Using influencers has become increasingly popular to market to consumers. Whether it is a celebrity or local these influencers can attract and engage with consumers to influence them more than any advertising can. Influencers are often seen as trusted sources and have a great effect on what people are interested in. When picking an influencer to represent your business you need to find someone who aligns with your brand and that you trust. You also want someone that your target customer has commonalities with so that you can make sure they are attracting people.

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