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Use GIF moving files in your ads and Markting

How to Add Animated GIFs to Your Marketing Campaign

It may come as a surprise, but brands across the world use animated GIFs in their marketing campaigns. From Nike to MailChimp, GIFs have made everyday marketing campaigns into noteworthy successes — and that’s led to not only better sales…
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Digital Marketing 2020 SEO Vgrupo

Digital Marketing Trends

With technology becoming more advanced, marketing trends are changing. When it comes to digital marketing it is easy to fall behind on trends. In order to keep up with your competition and keep your business strong, you need to keep up with the changing…
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SEO Change Fast in Spain, Belgium and Holland

SEO is changing fast, jump or not jump on the train?

Just think of it this way... Google makes roughly 8 algorithm changes per day. So how do you keep up? What changes do you need to make to survive the future? SEO is not anymore what it was, Google change their…
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Be found in Search

Prepare your campaigns to drive in-store sales this holiday season

Consumer shopping behavior will likely look different this holiday season. For example, searches containing “available near me” have grown by more than 2X across regions and categories. And with 67% of shoppers saying they plan to confirm online that an…
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Google vs bing and their simplicity SEO Vgrupo

Google Vs. Bing. How Do Search Engines Work?

While Google owns a lion’s share of the search engine market it’s obviously not the only one used by people around the world. To improve your SEO strategy it’s worth taking a closer look at the differences between particular search…
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10 ways SEO will lead companies through COVID-19 business recovery

SEO Expert Marketing Ibiza Agency founder and CEO, Bart Vermeiren shares how to use SEO to protect, pivot, and prepare for post-pandemic success. Please subscribe to see this article.
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